Soul Food

Posted: June 23, 2008 in church, staff, study

“Who feeds your soul?” That was the question PC (Pastor Charlie) asked this morning in our weekly staff meeting. His reminder was for each of the staff members to make time to attend one of our weekend worship services but the words he used resonated in my mind. Have you ever been so busy during the day that you forgot to eat a meal? I do this all the time. Then I get to the end of my day and wonder “dude, why am I so hungry?”. I think the same can be true of us as ministers. We get so busy doing the work of the Lord that we forget to spend time with the Lord of the work. We often find ourselves wondering, why am I not more spiritually nourished. I wish I was better at the whole quiet time thing. I really appreciate people like PC and Matt who constantly feed my soul. They are constantly pushing me to be and do better as a worship leader, a Christian, father, and husband.

So, who feeds your soul?

  1. Chris says:

    GOOD REMINDER TO US ALL. Reminds me of what singer Barry McGuire used to say: “We’re all brainwashed, it’s just that I’ve chosen Jesus to wash MY brain.”

  2. Brenda says:

    Ah! My friends feed my soul. I have so many great frieds that are encouragers to me and everyone around them. What I do hope is that in turn…they feel the same way about me. A man can be fed but over time, if he eats too much, he will just get fat. I feel that it is a give and take situation where everyone is in balance by feeding each other. My husband is constantly doing this as well as my kids. Kids are a constant reminder of God’s love to us! Good stuff Tim!

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