Posted: June 27, 2008 in dating, family, Kids, phobias

My oldest son loves to scare people. I am often met around corners by his daunting, gleeful surprise. Usually I see it coming, but from time to time he will jump out from around the corner and let out a loud “RAAAAAAH” only to make my heart stop. I am not scared easily but there are definitely things I am scared of. When Ap and I were first dating I once made the ferris wheel operator stop so we could get off the ride… I’m terrified of heights. Unfortunately it wasn’t enough for her that I tried to overcome my fear of heights. She usually reminds me of that night once or twice a year. I am also deathly afraid of suffocating. I have a real claustrophobia thing that causes me to panic from time to time. Then every once in a while my son scares me. Sometimes its because he jumps out from around the corner and sometimes its because he is growing up way to fast. The thing that scares me most… he starts Jr. High in the Fall. Hold on while I go jump off the ferris wheel!

What scares you most?

  1. Brenda says:

    We’re in our second year of Jr. High and it IS scary! I’m afraid of swimming in water where there are fish or any other type of living creature. They could bite my toes!!! They might think they are bait! I haven’t always had this fear and don’t know why it’s recently come up. Guess I’ve seen way too many Jaws movies!

  2. Liz says:

    I had NO idea that you had a kid old enough for Jr. High… was he at camp this year?Liz from camp

  3. What scares me most?Roller Coasters…Being on a boat that is driven by a crazy person…Watching someone riding a scooter without a helmet. ( I could not resist… I tried… I really did)

  4. Maybe this is why God made you the way you are…any taller and you’d be scared all the time!!!!!

  5. Hey Tim! Blogging is fun…glad you started! 🙂

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