Tuesday’s Question of the Week #2

Posted: July 15, 2008 in Tuesday's Question of the Week, worship, Worship Leaders

A lot of my favorite blogs are talking about Worship Leader tendencies today so here is my question of the week.

Tuesday’s Question Of The Week Vol. 2
What is it that worship leaders do that just drives you crazy?

All comments are fair game… Bring it!

P.S. Look for PC to comment something about his Worship guy not wearing a helmet when he rides his scoot… 🙂

  1. Steve says:

    TIM!!! I see you have a blog! I’m going to add you to my roll if you don’t mind!My answer to today’s question would be … to go off on random song verses when the congregation (or the “lyric coordinator” in the computer room) doesn’t know what line to sing!!! Are they being led by the holy spirit in the middle of the song, or did they forget what verse came next?!

  2. Anonymous says:

    When they give thier own mini sermon after the preacher just got done preaching.

  3. Matt says:

    This isn’t necessarily all the fault of worship leaders, but I can’t stand the “Jesus is my boyfriend” songs. Also, today’s songs are becoming so predictable and formulaic that they seem shallow (verse, chorus, verse, chorus, bridge, chorus, same line repeated over and over ad nauseum). I’m considering doing a blog post where readers can Mad Lib their own hit worship song by simply selecting nouns, adjectives and verbs from the list. Do you think that would offend people?Sorry if this is a repost. The interface didn’t seem to like me much.

  4. Keith says:

    Copy the antics, phrasing, musical stylings, hairstyle, dress, etc. of the latest “big name worship leader” (< HREF="http://fivepts.blogspot.com/2007/07/i-cant-help-myself.html" REL="nofollow">This guy<> comes to mind) or the last conference they attended worship leader. (They all look alike…< HREF="http://fivepts.blogspot.com/2007/06/trendy-pastors.html" REL="nofollow">check this out<>)Hey Tim! Just thought I’d post on your blog…since you posted on mine–except I’m not anonymous. Yep, same old pessimiest; I do like the scooter, though.

  5. great points. I would agree with all of you.Steve- I think the Holy Spirit works as well if not better in planning than he does in spontaneity. Its seems as though most of the examples of the Holy Spirit we have in the Bible were talked about long before they actually happened. I also agree with Matt. God is not my boyfriend… He’s my God. I do however contest that the “old” hymns are just as repetitive predictable (except when the song leader would hold up three fingers and tick us all off because we always skipped the third verse) and sometimes as shallow as anything we have today. A different dialect does not constitute depth of meaning as some are confused to believe.Keith, glad you showed up! I should have known you would have come out of the woodwork to help bolster (or tear down) the worship community. 🙂 By the way, whatever happened to that trendy, young long haired, earing wearing guy that used to lead worship at our church in the 90’s? What was his name again? He used to be so relevant.Keep ’em coming!!

  6. Keith says:

    He died…in a lot of ways.

  7. Matt says:

    Agreed, f_o_s, some of the old hymns were pretty shallow too. A lot of them seem really trite and whimsical(Little Church in the Wildwood, Love Lifted Me, Just a Little talk w/ Jesus)Just to throw another idea out there, I really dislike when worship leaders do “patriotic” services on Memorial Day, July 4, etc.When Jesus comes back, my country of origin will be the least of his concerns. I want to be recognized as a Heaven citizen. I’m always embarrassed when the congregation sings this stuff because I think it makes non-Americans uncomfortable.My church (independent Christian) actually used the Star Spangled Banner for the commitment song a couple of Sundays ago!

  8. You asked for it…. Scraping Worship Leaders brains off the highway would be one of my least favorite things…or telling his wife and kids that he was not wearing a helmet.Other than that, let me say that what really does drive me crazy are excuses, laziness, relying on talent instead of God, assuming that he/she can just slide by this week, and not developing teams.I am very happy to say that I rarely (if ever) have to deal with those frustrations any more… Growth is a beautiful thing. I do not go into any worship service thinking about those things.All music is repetitive to some degree. Hairstyles matter not, except to be something to make fun of. Shallow songs…. lots of them no matter what generation. Kum-by-ya comes to mind…Allelia… Holy Holy Holy ( the words from Revelation- not the song) and so one. For some reason I never get tired of hearing over and over, “I love you.” Now the next question is… “What do preachers do that drive you crazy?”BlessingsCharlie

  9. Keith says:

    Is it OK if I just watch? 8^)>

  10. Anonymous says:

    I like the new songs, but I really like the old time classic gospel songs better, like: “You be like Jesus and go walk on the water““You remind me of Lazarus because you stinketh““You aint’ Samson so get a haircut“And the one that really speaks to my heart is: “If you don’t get saved you can go to hell” If you ain’t convicted after singin these, then you’re probably colder than a polar bear catchin salmon in the frozen food section at the bait n tackle and bar b que restaurant.

  11. Javamom says:

    I’ll play along…how could I not?I love being on our worship team, I like starting or leading songs, and I love bands. I have been on worship teams since the “song-leading” years transitioned to worship teams (even a capella worship teams). I enjoy bands, whether electric or acoustic, and I enjoy much, but not all of worship music these days.However, my frustrations are: 1) Some of our worship songs are very difficult for the congregation to follow…patially b/c the song has difficult syncopation, but usually b/c it is a “one-singer” song or a type of remake of a “rock ballad.” While they may be absolutley lovely, they are hard to sing along with while in the audien…er, um…congregation.2) When the instruments are far too loud so that the congregation can barely be heard. 3) The newer digital soundboards that don’t work well with our monitors, so that we vocalists only hear ourselves bouncing off the back walls.4) When the leader wants the whole song to be predominantly unison. What IS the point of having different part-singers on for the week, then? It’s redundant and feels like a waste of precious time.Lastly, one does not need two altos doubling the part, unless the whole choir is singing.Hugs, Timbo, (grin)Aunt Kim, who sometimes on lead, most of the time on alto, sometimes on awesome high tenor…Uncle James would probably disagree with some of my frustrations. That’s a guitarman for you 🙂

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