Mad Prop’s Friday Week #2

Posted: July 18, 2008 in Uncategorized

Friday is Mad Prop’s Day! This is the day I give my “Prop’s” to someone who has done something outstanding during the week. Feel free to leave your own “prop’s”, “atta boy’s”, or whatever it is you happen say to let someone know they are friggin awesome.

Mad Prop’s Friday Week #2
This week’s “Mad Prop’s” goes out my boy Jerry Barham and his sound team. JB as, I affectionately call him, is the lead sound tech for our congregation and has been for as long as I have been here. (eight, plus years) For a while he was the only sound tech and every Sunday morning and Wednesday evening he would show up for services and rehearsals ready go go and help the worship team give their best.
This past week Jerry pulled triple duty. Starting last Wednesday JB ran sound for our normal Wednesday evening rehearsals, helped tear down the Sunday morning set and re-set the FIGHT Night set only to come back and run a the FIGHT Night rehearsal on Thursday. Then he ran dress rehearsal on Saturday afternoon and evening only to move the FIGHT Night set again and re-set for Sunday morning. When our Sunday morning sound checks began I feared the worst. Mic’s, instruments and cables had been plugged an unplugged so many times I thought for sure that we would spend all of our sound check and rehearsal time troubleshooting and running down cables. Or worse, we would have technical issues in first service because we would run out of time to fix everything. Thankfully my fears were wrong and JB and his boys had it all under control. We did not have one issue the whole morning. I should know by now to have more faith in those guys…
When services were over we had to tear down the Sunday morning set, re-set the FIGHT Night set, be ready for our last dress rehearsal at 4:00 and the the kick off at 7:00. Add to all that Jerry was the lead sound tech for FIGHT Night, a four night event lasting from Sunday night to Wednesday night. All of this as a volunteer!
So MAD PROPS to Jerry!! Thanks for being a great example of a Living Sacrifice!

  1. Keith says:

    You should double his pay.

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