Posted: August 28, 2008 in church, emotion, youth ministry

I hate them! And yet at the same time… I love them! I feel like this very thing God blessed me with, in order to do His good works, is the very thing Satan uses against me as his weapon of choice. I probably owe big apologies to my coworkers, friends and family for being so emotional the past week or so. I’m sure I’ve left people wondering if “the man” has changed my medication.

Growing up I was a part of the youth group at Memorial Drive Church of Christ in Tulsa. My youth minister, Danny Sidders, had this one phrase he would often make us repeat to open up our youth meetings. “I can choose my attitude and I choose to feel great!” he would say. We would all repeat the axiom back and he would say it again only to have us repeat it back again. This would go on until he felt as though everyone was participating. He probably knew that everyone of us were showing up that night dealing with the pressures of school, broken families, addictions and just living a teenage life in a world that was changing before our eyes. At least for me it was unsolicited training for days and weeks like these.

Now when I am overwhelmed with emotion and biting peoples heads off or secluded to the back corner of my desk, I read 2 Timothy 1:6-7 and I repeat the phrase I learned from my youth minister… “I can choose my attitude and I choose to feel great!” when I want to of course.

  1. BRANDON IRBY says:

    Lovely, aren’t they?This transition of my life has been accompanied by many.

  2. Brenda says:

    I remember him doing that and all of us saying it! It’s amazing how things like that come back to us later in life and really have an affect on us. As a teen…we said it because we were told to. Today, we say it because we need to and it’s a way of life. I’m with ya….emotions…STINK! But God has big plans for those of us that have an over abundance of them! Love ya!

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