Tuesday Question Of the Week

Posted: September 2, 2008 in church, community, Leadership, ministry, small groups

One of the big buzz words in many churches these days is “Community”. It’s always interesting to me that we find new and creative ways to package what God intended for the church to be. When I was growing up it was CARE groups then later it was LIFE groups. It wasn’t much longer we threw away the acronyms and called it Small Groups and of course now its just Groups with an emphasis on “community”. I guess the most surprising part of this is the concept of repackaging is that we have to do it at all. Its almost as if we have to “sell” God’s word to the believers to claim to follow His word.

You don’t have to look very hard to find God’s intention in establishing smaller communities in which to do ministry. When Moses was leading the Israelite people God recognized that it was next to impossible for any one man to lead such a massive amount of people. He had Moses divide his people into smaller groups down to ten per group just so he could lead them effectively. Jesus had a small group who later established small communities around the region and eventually started the greatest small group movement in the history of mankind.
Most of the New Testament was written to small groups of people.

I find it a bit ironic that the larger we get as a congregation the smaller we have to become to shepherd people and do ministry effectively. So here is my question of the week:

Tuesday Question of the Week

Are you in a small group? Why?/Why not?

  1. Chris Gilmore says:

    I am currently not in a small group, however I wish I could be. I’ve just got too much on my plate right now to even think about it. However, I do like your thoughts and insights on “community”. I’ve always liked the idea of focusing on slices as opposed to reaching the “whole pie”. (Boy, that’s a lame analogy)I dislike hearing churches I’ve attended in the past “repackaging” as you said this idea of community. I’ve been places where I’ve heard of the life groups, changed to small groups to core groups, and so on. In my opinion, small groups would be fine as long as it didn’t seem like it was a “club” you had to be invited to. It almost feels as if every time we tag a new name to small groups, we will lose people who don’t want change, but at the same time, we’ll bring in new people who might “finally fit in”. As a church (universal is intended), I think we should just call them small groups and not make them sound more appealing so as to get people involved. Showing people what they can do and how they can be a part of them would be the best way. Not trying to “sell” them to a new name, or a bible study, or whatever other small groups do. Maybe I’m a bit off. At least at 11:11am, this is where my mind is.

  2. Steve says:

    I have been in small groups, but at this time no, and I don’t have plans to join one soon. I attend church and Sunday School on Sundays regularly. I go to Wednesday church too, and even lead a group of 7th grade boys.At this point I wouldn’t be “effective” as I should be in a amall group. For me, I’m better to me and others if I work hard on a few things, rather than spread myself thin on too many things.Your mileage may vary!

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