One Last Time

Posted: June 16, 2008 in camp, summer, worship, youth

I have jokingly deemed this summer my “farewell tour”. For years I have spent the majority of my summers months leading worship for youth summer events, camps and retreats only to return to the home church to lead our congregational worship on the weekends. It is one of my favorite times of the year. I’ve noticed, however, over the past couple years that my mind, body and spirit are not holding up as well as they used to. I’m usually worn out by the weekend and have little to nothing left to give to my family or lead the church when I get home. Growing older, well… it sucks! So, my wife and I decided that this would be the last year I accepted invitations from camps and youth events and would begin to focus more on our local congregation and overseas missions durring the summer months. It will also be nice to be a parent to my kids at the youth events we participate in. So it begins tonight with worship at camp CYOKAMO for about 300 Jr. High students from KS, MO, OK and AR. I will be with them all week and then back home on Friday. I have three more week long events between now and the end of July with a few one nighters mixed in. I am tired already…

  1. Steph T. says:

    Tim…never thought it would happen to us…old…tired..cranky…but no matter what we still love going to those youth things. There is still nothing like worship with the youth…no tradition, no hesitation…just worship…I love and miss it, but DOG I am tired. YQ is going to kill me…I NEED SLeep!! I still need to see you on that scooter…I need a good laugh…LOL!!

  2. Hey my scooter is sweet and saves me lots of money. You want a good laugh come watch me give Lori a ride on it!! Now that was funny. There is nothing like youth worship. I will miss it the most. The hardest part for me this year was all the stuff that goes along with it. Travel, late nights rehearsals… ugh! Getting old sucks.

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