Tuesday Question Of the Week

Posted: August 12, 2008 in church, communication, Leadership

This pic is from a blog I have been reading lately.

Here’s the Q

Tuesday Question(s) of The Week #6

Does your church communicate well? How could it be better/worse?

  1. Steve says:

    When I first saw this picture, I was hoping you were going to ask us to make a caption for the picture. If you did, I was going to say: “Big Government at work!” But since you didn’t, I won’t offer it up.Concerning church communication, I think a vibrant, current and informational website is crucial in today’s environment. I’d guess that an equal amount of people go to a church because of the website, as compared to being invited by someone in 2008.

  2. Matt Tibbles says:

    No and YesWe suck at communicating, myself included. But. . .The Holy Spirit seems to communicate what needs to be communicated when it needs to be communicated.I am sure that doesn’t help one bit.

  3. Matt S. says:

    Yes and no. Yes on letting people know who they need to pray for each week. No on how to get involved in various ministries. The people who get involved are usually those who want so badly to work for the church that they either start something themselves or don’t allow themselves to be stymied when help and info isn’t forthcoming.I wish we did a better job at consistently communicating how to get involved. Some people are just waiting to be asked.

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